Wednesday, March 25, 2015


HEY! Did you know that I have a website? 

It has most of my comics on it and lots of illustration too!

>>> Check it out at <<<<


  1. Awesome! Browsing through your works had been nothing but pleasurable. Your style somewhat reminds me of Gemma Correll's, but each of your differences still stand out pretty knowingly. At any rate, I haven't had this much fun browsing a website since I opened yours, Rebecca. Thank you so much for sharing! Kudos and more power to you! :)

    Rachelle Edwards @ All Digital Branding

  2. Hey, this work of yours is really refreshing. I'm so glad someone is creating new art in a brand new style--at least for me. The only thing is that being as new as I am to this style, I'm trying to figure out what the picture is all about. Boy, then again, that's not always necessary is it? I always say, "Just enjoy yourself." Good luck with the new website!