Monday, January 30, 2012

After School Art Workshop at the Lunenburg Academy

Registration deadline is today!

The project can use all the help it can get with material donations-
We need scraps of fabric, sewing supplies, threads, embroidery floss, yarns, fabric paint, buttons, felt and any fun art supplies 
Please bring donations to the Second Story Women's Centre in Lunenburg

Thursday, January 26, 2012

rose quilt on the frame

This is my second piece which the the Zion Quilters are quilting by hand. It was really exciting to see this one on the frame. Everyone was impressed with the reverse applique work in the leaves, especially because the leaves are made with this retro fabric from the 70's that didn't stay in style for long. It's super polyester, very thick and doesn't fray, making it really easy to work with for applique and gives dimension as well. We are still trying to decide how to quilt the middle...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I did the cover for the Dalhousie Gazette again this year, this time on the theme of accessibility. 

flowers and other things to hold

I made these watercolours as little thank you cards. 


These signs were a commission for a cake maker. They are painted with gauche.

My New Studio

I've been at work in this little rustic cabin for a few months now, illustrating a series of watercolours about an alternate creation story (will post photos of them soon, I promise). It's pretty cold here in the winter, and the cabin takes a bit to warm up, but it gets might toasty and its really quiet and a great place to work for hours.