Monday, January 24, 2011

Story Share

I am giving a talk at the Second Story Women's Centre about my work. 
Feel free to join in!


January 26, 1-3pm
22 King Street (upstairs), Lunenburg
Rebecca Roher, NSCAD Lunenburg Studio Artist, will join us to talk about her story-collecting project on the theme of Women and Water.

The Story Seekers group will be continuing to collect stories about women’s lives, pairing listeners with story-tellers and sharing the results. If you are interested in telling stories from your life to a friendly listener or if you wish to record a woman’s experiences, join us.
New members encouraged.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ladies begin their work

the Zion Quilters started work on my quilt on tuesday!
dusty rose as far as the eye can see...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

moving right along...

the fish are done!!

I just spent a great day with Laurie Swim, mapping out the quilting pattern for my fish. It's going to be watery arms that look like hugs from the back of the quilt, and like water behind the fish on the topside of the quilt.

This is the transparency I used to project onto the backside fabric in order to map out the quilting pattern. 

On Tuesday morning, the ladies at the Zion church and I are going to start hand-stitching this line drawing through the three layers of the quilt to hold them together (and to make a cool watery-huggy arm effect). Neat-o!

Watercolour Workshop

WATER STORIES: Sharing Stories and Painting Watercolours
with NSCAD Lunenburg Studio Resident Artist Rebecca Roher

Wednesday, January 12, 1-4pm
Second Story Women's Centre 
22 King Street (upstairs), Lunenburg 

What is your connection to water? Bring a story about an experience with water (it can be your story, one you heard from another woman or from a folk tale) to this interactive workshop and learn how to paint with watercolours in narrative form to make the story come alive in an image. Rebecca will provide technical instruction with watercolours as well as theoretical instruction about narrative painting. Materials and supplies provided.
Please register by phone or e-mail
543-1315 or 640-3044 or