Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Final Exhibition and Artists Talks at the Residency

Perin's Quilt

Perin turned two a little while ago, so I made him a quilt. I rigged it up on the quilting frame that the Zion Quilters gave me, and it was just sitting there for weeks. 

Finally, last week I got some helpful friends to start on the hand quilting process. If there is anything I learned this year, it's that things will take their own sweet time, so let's enjoy each others company!

I hope Perin remembers this.

Art Education Panel Discussion

We are organizing a lecture panel on art education.

Three guest lecturers, Kim Morgan, Dr. Nick Webb and Ann Whalen, will discuss the role the visual arts plays in shaping educational experiences and its contribution to a healthy society. They will address the concept of education and its role on the broader scheme, as well as the demand to justify the education system during economic shifts while governments drive to balance budgets.

We invite artists, school administration, teachers, parents and students to join us for this illuminating panel discussion on July the 14th at 7pm, Lunenburg Academy Auditorium.

Hope to see you there!