Friday, March 23, 2012

Lunenburg Academy Memory Quilt

My amazing crew of seamstresses from the Lunenburg Academy and I have been very busy creating blocks for our memory quilt for the last seven weeks. Yesterday, we had a very productive session and the whole top has finally been pieced together. I am thrilled to present it in its almost-finished state!

Next week we will be stretching it on the frame and begin hand quilting the whole piece, stitching the top, batting and back layers together. Hand-quilting is an old tradition in this part of Nova Scotia, and continues on today with a few groups. I am so impressed by the dedication and creativity I have seen over the last few weeks with my students, and I cant wait to see the quilt complete!

Early on, we made a practice paper quilt to better understand drawing with shapes.


Over March Break, I ran a few sock-animal workshops at the Lunenburg Makery. We made sock-frogs, and a few kids went outside the box and made other animals like a sock-spider and a sock-diva! I was very impressed by how quickly the youngsters of Lunenburg County took up hand sewing.

Friday, March 2, 2012

for the birds

other worlds

I had a wonderful day in the studio creating these psychedelic space paintings


"the view from blue rocks"

"reach out"

"lovers in the night"

"the top of purple mountain"

"up in the mountains"

"the climb"

"night sky"

the woman of the north, the woman of the south

These are a few paintings from a series I've been working on about two women living in the North and the South. It's been fun thinking about their extreme landscapes, what tools and vessels they might have around, how they collect water and get from place to place.

This is their world

The Woman of the North in her cave

The Woman of the South fetching water

The Woman of the South drinking water

scout in a rosebush

"Scout in a Rosebush"

This is Scout. She hangs out in the woods around my studio cabin. She loves to play and show off her climbing skills by getting way up high in the trees. She doesn't mind getting muddy and wet in the rain as long as she's free. I did this painting of her getting caught in a rosebush to honor her wild beauty and because she's always getting stuff caught in her fur.

pencil drawing to start

a detail