Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bird in a Cage

My first comic published in the Nib came out today, it's about my grandma's decline into dementia and how my family coped. It was also recently published in Maple Key Comics Issue #4.

Read it HERE or click on the image

Friday, October 10, 2014

wood sleep

just found these drawings and thought I'd dust 'em off for your enjoyment

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

your typical western...

comics, giant puppets and more!

I had an incredible summer at the Margaret Hennigar Library in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, running Art Jam Day Camp for the second year!

This year, inspired by Bread and Puppet performances that I was lucky enough to see last fall in Glover, Vermont, we made giant puppets!

We made a librarian puppet...

and a lifeguard puppet...

We also put on plays...

Made a bunch of comics and our own sketchbooks...

(we produced these zines!)

Painted watercolours by a pond...

Made a "tree of life" collage...

And so much more!

Art Jam Day Camp was made possible by South Shore Public Libraries and a grant from Nova Scotia Communities, Culture and Heritage.

Body of Water

I was thrilled when two of my favorite Halifax artists, Veronica Simmonds (freelance radio and print journalist) and Katie McKay (photographer and projectionist) approached me to create illustrations for the website they were creating about lake swimming in Halifax. 

Now, the multimedia website is up and running! Check it out and feel the joy of lake swimming...

The Only Rice Paddy in New York City

I made a comic for Symbolia Magazine's Food Issue in collaboration with journalist Ruth Brown. It's about an urban farm on Randall's Island in New York City that grows rice! The farm educates local students about where food comes from and how to grow you know how rice is grown and gets to your table?

To read the whole article as well as the entire issue full of amazing comics about food, download the app here.