Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Work: In Progress

The Rose Quilt

It started by wanting to play with the crazy quilt aesthetic and also a need to experiment more with fabrics. So, a rose, a feminine symbol of romance and passion, became my subject. The petals will be hand appliqued. I took a medallion quilt workshop at the Mahone Bay Quilters Guild from Anne Morrell-Robinson where I learned how to create banners of triangles to frame the rose. it will be a queen-size quilt with about three banners around the rose, but I'm still playing with the design. There will also be some embroidery work around the rose.

Perin's Quilt

This is a quilt for Perin, who just turned two. I'm going to quit every square of fabric with a different design that can be used to play a counting game. 

Soon, I will be organizing a hand-quilting group to get this quilt done! The Zion Quilters gave me a quilting frame which I am going to set up with this quilt in my studio in Lunenburg. If you are interested in hand-quilting and live in the South Shore area, give me a shout!

Old Momma Hankies

I found these hankies at an attic sale in Lunenburg. They are hand embroidered and tell a verse of Dennis Lee's poem, Juniper and Bone.

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