Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Fish Quilt

The heavy work is behind me now, and all I have to do is finish the edges of the quilt. All of twenty-one fish are appliqued to the top and I have made the decision to scrap the net layer. 

I thought it was doing too much to the piece, it felt unnatural and foreign to the other materials and although it was part of the original design of the quilt, the quilting design (the water arms) had not been in the original plans and changed the quilt significantly. 

The net was oppressive and without it we can focus on the fish, each affected by the currents of the water.

Babypuss Swims in a Quilt:
An Illustrated Short Story by Rebecca Roher
Here, our cat, babypuss (to be pronounced with a french accent), 
Swims with the fish. 
She sinks under the water. 
She meets fish who try to rub her belly and nibble her toes.

She is nervous and sleepy.

It was a dream.

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